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User note

Enter an expression into the tan bar and press enter to calculate the results.
This calculator remembers up to thirty past calculations in history. All results are calculated using the Javascript 'eval()' function. Syntax for expressions is the same as that for Javascript.
This calculator can handle input numbers in several different bases:

*Decimal (Base 10): Numbers that do not start with a zero like 15 or 3.14e15. Decimal numbers can contain digits 0-9, decimals, and scientific notation.
*Hexadecimal (Base 16): Integers that start with a zero x like 0x1a5. Hexadecimal numbers can contain digits 0-9 and a-f (or A-F) but no decimal or scientific notation.
*Octal (Base 8): Integers that start with a zero like 073. Octal numbers can contain digits 0-7 but no decimal or scientific notation.
*Binary (Base 2): Integers that start with a zero b like 0b101. Binary numbers can contain digits 0 and 1 but no decimal or scientific notation.

^ is a bitwise xor operation. To raise a number to a power use pow() function.

Math Constants
ansThe last calculated result
Ee = 2.71828182...
LOG10Elog of e base 10
LOG2Elog of e base 2
LN10log of 10 base e
LN2log of 2 base e
PIpi = 3.14159265...
SQRT1_2square root of 1/2
SQRT2square root of 2
Math Functions
abs(a)the absolute value of a
acos(a)arc cosine of a
asin(a)arc sine of a
atan(a)arc tangent of a
atan2(a,b)arc tangent of a/b
ceil(a)integer closest to a and not less than a
cos(a)cosine of a
exp(a)exponent of a
floor(a)integer closest to and not greater than a
log(a)log of a base e
max(a,b)the maximum of a and b
min(a,b)the minimum of a and b
pow(a,b)a to the power b
random()pseudorandom number in the range 0 to 1
round(a)integer closest to a
sin(a)sine of a
sqrt(a)square root of a
tan(a)tangent of a
Keyboard shortcuts
Alt+D,IDisplay (cycle)
[Alt]+HHistory (previous)
[Alt]+MDecimal mixed display
[Alt]+SDecimal Scientific display
[Alt]+GDecimal Engineering display
[Alt]+BBinary display
[Alt]+OOctal display
[Alt]+XHex display
[Alt]+ALast Answer
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